Mr. Nguyen Tu Quynh, Chairman of Provincial People's Committee and DIC Corp’s members

DIC Corp is one of the leading companies in Vietnam in the field of construction and real estate business, tourism, with chartered capital of more than VND 2.381 billion, the total value of assets up to 2017 is VND 6.083 billion. DIC Corp is focusing on 5 main areas: Investment in developing new urban area, tourist area; construction and installation; production and trading of construction materials; trading tourism - trade - real estate services; financial investment in companies operating effectively. Currently DIC Corp has 24 businesses (including 8 subsidiaries, 8 associates and 8 long-term financial investment companies) with a workforce of nearly 10,000 people.

After investigating the potential and opportunities for development, the Board of Directors chooses Bac Ninh as the strategic investment area in the North for the development of industry, services and tourism, entertainment combined with modern urban. On behalf of the delegation, Mr. Nguyen Thien Tuan - Chairman of DIC Corp hoped the leaders of the province and functional branches of Bac Ninh are interested and create favorable conditions for DIC Corp to fulfill the aspiration.

Mr. Nguyen Tu Quynh - Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee briefly introduces members of DIC Corp to potential, strengths and especially the economic growth rate, industrial production and export activities of Bac Ninh province in the recent years that is always on top of the country. At the same time, he also highly appreciated the financial capacity as well as the prestige of DIC Corp.

On the basis that Bac Ninh attracts many foreign investors, it is very interested in supporting high-end commercial, residential and entertainment investment projects. Regarding the plans of DIC, the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee highly appreciates and delegates departments and branches to coordinate and support the investigation and information exchange as a basis for DIC Corp implementing the project in Bac Ninh.

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