On November 27, 2017, the People's Committee of Dong Nai province has officially approved the assignment of DIC Corp to be an investor to implement the project area. Long Tan Tourism Urban area with an area of about 331.9 hectares on the basis of the Prime Minister's approval of investment policy in Official Letter No. 1310 / TTg-CN dated 01 September 2017. This is an important step for DIC Corp to continue to invest in construction as well as call for qualified investors to co-operate in the project.

 Located in Long Tan and Phu Thanh Communes, Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai Province, Long Tan Tourism Urban area is a key project of DIC Corp in the period of 2016 - 2020. Playing an important role in the 3.3 sub-zone, the project is oriented to be a modern and dynamic eco-tourism urban area with beautiful scenery and green space in harmony with the urban area along the Dong Nai river under the general planning of Nhon Trach new urban center (as approved by the Prime Minister in Decision No. 455 / QD-TTg dated 22 March 2016).


General information:

  • Owner: DIC Corp
  • Consultant: VNCC Consulting Corporation - Ministry of Construction
  • Scale: 332ha
  • Proportion of residential land: 24.77%
  • Total investment: 20,000 billion VND
  • Construction time: 2018-2036

 One of the remarkable advantages of the project is the ability to connect with financial centers in the South through the intercity highway system: Ben Luc - Long Thanh Expressway, Belt Highway 2 Long Thanh - Dau Giay Expressway, beltway 3 Nhon Trach Thu Duc, overhead tram connecting Ho Chi Minh City to Long Thanh Airport. Especially, more than 90% of District 9's bridge running along 5km in front of the project along the belt road No. 3, Nhon Trach - Ho Chi Minh City, which is expected to start in 2019, will shorten the gap with the central area, contributing actively to increase the optimal value of the project.

From 2009 up to now, DIC Corp has completed all the preparation of investment in accordance with the Laws, including the Planning Permit, approval of the detailed planning 1/500, the completed construction investment phase 1 and put into operation the road linking from Dai Phuoc Bridge to Don Road from 2010, completing investment decision procedures and approved by the Prime Minister, Environmental Impact Assessment Report.

Recognizing the important role of the project and the need to carry out construction investment in parallel with the construction progress of belt road 3 Nhon Trach – Ho Chi Minh City, in the coming time, DIC Corp will implement the plan as follows:

  • Prior to June 30, 2018: Complete the design of major infrastructure items including: ground leveling design (phase 1), design of main roads such as the main trunk road from Dai Phuoc bridge to ring road No 3, North-South radial road project, road parallel with belt road 3 Nhon Trach - Ho Chi Minh.
  • By January 2019: Completion of compensation and ground clearance.
  • January 2019: Commence the construction of technical infrastructure projects.
  • In 2023: Complete the project according to the policy of the Prime Minister.

Accordingly, the leaders of the Corporation instructed and assigned the functional departments to set targets for early implementation of the project to promote the regional socio-economic development and accelerate the progress of realization the General planning of Nhon Trach new urban area. Concurrently, the focus of resources to invest in the Long Tan project is a milestone contributing to the development strategy of DIC Corp in the new phase of private multi-ownership corporation model.

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