financial investment

The focus in financial investment activities of DIC Corp is to contribute capital to subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures to create a springboard in our investment strategy.

With the goal of becoming an effective investor, DIC Corp is committed to investing in companies that have the potential to grow and operate effectively in the following areas:

  • Construction
  • Production and trading of construction materials
  • Urban and tourism resorts investment and development
  • Housing business, real estate brokerage
  • Trading and tourism
  • Other potential economic sectors.

Subsidiary system which DIC Corp holds 20-50% share include:

  • Investment Development Joint Stock Company No. 1.
  • DIC Tourism and Trading Joint Stock Company.
  • Midrange Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company.
  • DIC Building Materials Joint Stock Company.
  • Ha Nam Investment Construction Joint Stock Company.
  • DIC Eastern Concrete Joint Stock Company
  • DIC Investment Joint Stock Company No. 2.

The system of affiliates, DIC holds 50% or more of the shares, including:

  • DIC Real Estate JSC.
  • Phuong Nam Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company.
  • Concrete Construction Joint Stock Company.
  • Hoi An Investment and Development JSC.
  • Vina Dai Phuoc Construction Investment Corporation.
  • Vung Tau Sports Tourism Investment Joint Stock Company.
  • Viet Thien Lam Investment JSC.
  • DIC Brick Joint Stock Company.

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