new urban investment and development

Urban investment and development  is a core business which DIC Corp focused on long-term development with many advantages such as strong financial capacity, high quality human resources and technical equipment system.

DIC Corp is now a large enterprise with large land resources and many real estate projects, ensuring stable revenue over the years.

DIC Corp is fully professional, prestigious and proactive in investing and developing urban areas with experience in cooperation with international partners such as Vinacapital Pacific Limited; Allright Assets Limited of VinaCapital (England); Jeongsan Vina Limited Company (Korea); Tae Kwang Vina Industrial Joint Stock Company (South Korea); and Kang Won Company (Korea).

In order to have many unique design works and maximize our ability, DIC Corp has cooperated with many well-known foreign designing consultants such as Nikken Sekkei Civil Engineering Ltd (Japan); Veritas Company (Malaysia); Archipel JSC (France), etc. Therefore, projects funded by DIC Corp have created new living standards, enhancing the architectural appearance in many urban areas, stretching from north to south.

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