construction materials

Manufacturing and trading construction materials and construction related items are the main fields of operation DIC Corp in order to make full use of available equipment and expand the scale of the industry. Investing, developing, applying advanced technology, and focusing on the production of high quality construction materials are DIC's top priority.

In addition to serving for projects which DIC Corp is the investor, construction materials products are continuously growing in volume and quality to meet the needs of the domestic market and export to Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Bangladesh and Africa.

Through modern production lines, DIC provides quality concrete products for more than 80% of the South East market, serving urban areas, houses, villas, high-rise building from 25 to 28 floors; large industrial zones; bridge, port, and traffic works, etc.

DIC branded concrete products are piles, centrifugal piles for high-pressure concrete, centrifugal Concrete pipe; precast concrete constructions of all kinds, including non-centrifugal square piles; commercial concrete and specialized concrete; Lightweight Concrete.

Besides, DIC also manufactures many kinds of bricks, stones and building products such as Unbaked brick, terrazzo tile, tuynel brick, ceramic tile, granite, etc for civil works (house, Villas, high-rise buildings from 25 to 28 floors); landscape decorative products for hotel, urban area, industrial park and city.

List of member companies in this field:


Member Company

Main fields

 DIC Concrete

Producing of commercial fresh concrete, prefabricated concrete structure (centrifugal concrete, other precast products).


DIC Materials

Producing construction stone, terrazzo tile, block brick, tuynel brick, clay.


DIC Brothers


Producing and trading ceramic tiles;


Trading in building materials, interior and exterior decoration.


DIC Micen

Mining and processing minerals from metals and clay;

Production of granite tiles.

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