On the morning of October 9, at DIC Group's headquarters, General Director Nguyen Quang Tin chaired a preliminary meeting to review production and business activities in the third quarter, implementing work in October and the fourth quarter of 2023.



Speaking at the opening of the meeting, General Director Nguyen Quang Tin evaluated business results in the third quarter of 2023. In the context of the volatile real estate market in 2023, under the close and drastic leadership of the Board of Directors and the Board of Directors and the efforts of employees, DIC Group has achieved the best results.

After analyzing the operation situation and forecasting the real estate market, General Director Nguyen Quang Tin stated: "Real estate continues to be the long-term development orientation of DIC Group. Based on the project portfolio, relevant boards are required to focus on legal completion of the project, clearly establishing the rights of the Investor, which is a condition for the project to be implemented as planned and favorable by 2024".

Business – Finance is a key task in October 2023. The Board of Directors of DIC Group determined that this is a month to achieve the goals, which is the result of accumulating efforts made in the past time with local authorities and partners. Accordingly, real estate projects must achieve legal results according to the set plan and arrange basic capital sources. General Director Nguyen Quang Tin emphasized: "The goal of October is to create a financial and legal foundation; stabilizing the organizational structure towards 2024 to proactively implement works and targets in accordance with the orientation of the Board of Directors".

After listening to the Department, Board and subordinate units, the General Director assessed and concluded to direct specific works in October 2023. The General Director stated: "In order to complete the business plan in 2023, DIC Group Departments and Boards are required to focus all their efforts, proactively flexibly perform their functions, review and propose measures to effectively implement Business, Investment, Finance, complete legal procedures, planning, land projects...".

DIC Group will launch new products for sale in Zones 2 & 3 of DIC Nam Vinh Yen City Vinh Phuc new urban area.


For the project of Nam Vinh Yen New Urban Area, Vinh Phuc City (Scale: 191ha) is making positive changes in terms of legality. On October 6, the Party Personnel Committee of Vinh Phuc province submitted to the Standing Committee of Vinh Phuc Provincial Committee on "Policy on local adjustment of the A4 subdivision plan at the rate of 1/2000 for the central urban development of Vinh Yen city and part of the land of Binh Xuyen district, Yen Lac district, Vinh Phuc province". Thus, with the project of Nam Vinh Yen City Vinh Phuc New Urban Area (Scale: 191ha) there are positive changes in terms of legality.

At the same time, DIC Group will implement business activities to opens and sells products eligible for real estate business in new urban projects in Nam Vinh Yen, Vinh Phuc; DIC Lantana City Ha Nam; Dai Phuoc Lotus, Dong Nai and DIC Victory City Hau Giang... This is to contribute to the fulfillment of targets according to the business plan in 2023.


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