Project overview

Investor: DIC Corp

Location: Vinh Yen City, Vinh Phuc Province

Construction scale: 446.92ha

Total investment: VND 8,700 billion

The planning of Nam Vinh Yen New Urban, based on the foundation of developing a green city towards a civilizing and modern living environment, is the target of DIC Corp. The project’s diversified and abundant amenities will surely meet the highest needs of a perfect life for the future residents of the New Urban in the South of Vinh Yen city.

The project’s total planning area is up to 446.92ha, of which, the first phase has a total land use area of ​​194.74ha with a population of 28,473 inhabitants.

The land use structure in the first phase will be as follows:

  • Land for public and service centers: 206,295m², density 10.59%.
  • Residential land: 762.466m², density 39.15%.
  • Land for trees, water surface and technical focal works: 370,614m², density of 19.03%.
  • Land for traffic: 516,790m², density 25.64%.
  • Provincial general hospital and Quat Luu Commune’s service houses: 91.229m², density 4.68%.

Being considered as the typical urban area of ​​Vinh Phuc Province, Nam Vinh Yen New Urban is expected to become a modern city model, synchronizing overall structure as well as maximizing efficiency.

The project inherits the synchronous infrastructure systems of adjacent new urban areas, which is the intersection point and has infrastructure that articulates to rapid urbanization areas, near commercial divisions, hospital, entertainment centers such as Big C supermarket, new Provincial general hospital, Dam Vac golf course and Future Land entertainment center.

Currently, Vinh Phuc province has approved the master plan for socio-economic development of Vinh Yen until 2020 as well as vision to 2030 in order to make Vinh Yen become a sustainable developing service, leisure resort and ecotourism city when taking advantage of the continuous value chains of utilities from projects in Vinh Yen city.

The project’s first highlights including the West park, schools, 4-star DIC Star hotel, lakeside restaurants, etc. built in the beautiful location and own a large land fund. With the mission of creating a modern, abundant and civilized living environment, investor DIC paid attention to the construction of sustainable projects that bring a comfortable and full life for the inhabitants. The project offers a wide range of real estate products to suit the needs of different clients, including adjoining houses, single villas, and duplex villas, etc. Each land product in Nam Vinh Yen is the solid, stable base to build high-end villas or houses with comfortable and effective architecture designs according to different separated functional zones.


The highest value of the project, which being the decisive criterion attracting investors, is its superior geographic position. This value, as confirmed by experts, will significantly impact on profitability in the near future.

Nam Vinh Yen New Urban project offers a convenient location for traffic points:

  • To the North: Adjacent to Dam Vac golf course/ leisure resort.
  • To the South: Adjacent to Noi Bai - Lao Cai expressway (in the trans-Asia road system).
  • To the East: Adjacent to Vinh Yen Bic C Supermarket (in operation), recently-upgraded and renovated National Highway 2A.
  • To the West: Adjacent to Future Land Entertainment and Recreation Center – a high-end amusement park with regional and international level.

In addition, Nam Vinh Yen New Urban is located near the centerline road with 100m wide (connecting Bac Thang Long expressway with Binh Xuyen industrial zone).

Located at the gateway of Vinh Yen city, Nam Vinh Yen New Urban project is as follows:

  • Distance to Hanoi Capital: About 50 km.
  • Distance to Noi Bai International Airport: About 30km.
  • Distance to Vinh Yen City: A few minutes by driving.



Currently, DIC Corp has completed the compensation and clearance of 171.2 hectares and has paid the land use fees. Technical infrastructure has been built including ground leveling, roads, power supply, water supply and drainage, telecommunication, etc. The project has been approved by the Ministry of Construction and Provincial People's Committee to transfer the land use right for customers who build their own houses according to the approved plan on the area of ​​65ha.

Many other items continue to be invested by DIC Corp in 2017. Specifically, DIC Corp will continue to complete technical infrastructure system on the area of ​​65ha, complete the construction of the N62 and connect with General road system of the city. Also, DIC Corp will implement the construction of greeting gates, sample houses, landscape trees in the area of ​​Gieng Ngoc Hill; Leveling - lake embanking - dredging the reservoir of the regulating lake; Green park - landscape hill and investment to build 4-star hotel DIC Star Vinh Yen.

Sales Policy


For further information, please contact:

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Communication and External Relations – DIC Corp

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