The project covers an area of ​​17.7 hectares and is planned to build a 5-star hotel and resort with full facilities for domestic and international visitors.
This is an important project of Long Dien district as it contributes to the diversified tourism products that attract tourists to Long Dien in particular and Ba Ria - Vung Tau in general.
The An Thoi Urban Area project is planned to become an international port city, a technical hub, logistics, non-tariff, tourism commercial, travel services and light industrial center.
Combining the natural and luxurious beauty and the perfect in every service, the five-star hotel complex DIC Star promises to bring absolute satisfaction to each customer coming here.
A civilized community of young, dynamic residents; where you can enjoy a relaxing life with the living values ... All of these qualities gather at the Hiep Phuoc residential area project invested by DIC Corp.
Improving the appearance, upgrading the level of four-star DIC Star - Cap Saint Jacques hotels and welcoming the trend of the classy tourism development in the coastal city of Vung Tau.
An impressive transition from the wilderness to the high-end urban area with specialized subdivisions which were designed and planned carefully, bringing the most luxurious life in Vietnam.
With the appearance of a typical dynamic urban, peaceful but still not far from the city downtown, Long Tan satisfies all the conditions to increase lucrative investment and resort lifestyle standards.
Fully furnished with luxurious interior which is sophisticated to the detail and many attractive services to serve the needs of the upper life of the residents.
Full range of high-quality amenities and facilities of the first model urban area, located at the gateway TP. Vung Tau.
The main form of the building is designed like the windy sails, reaching out to the sea, bringing luck, fortune and prosperity for the future residents of Gateway.
Awaken senses, welcome dynamic new day in the fresh living space, enjoying quality and prosperious life in an urban area located in the west of Hanoi capital.