In the afternoon of June 20th 2022, DIC Group cooperated with BrainMark JSC to organize the "Corporate Culture Training" program at Aurora Center Hall in Vung Tau City. The event attracted all employees of DIC Group to participate.

Speaking at the program’s opening ceremony, Chairman of DIC Group – Mr. Nguyen Thien Tuan emphasized: "Corporate culture training plays an important part in the sixth corporate restructuring process of DIC Group. I hope that each employee of DIC Group will continue the success in the past, continue to add and nurture the cultural values to take DIC Group to the next level."

Under the guidance of David Tan Nguyen, MSC, Strategy Director of BrainMark, the training program delved into five major aspects, including: DIC's ideology; "Gene" of DIC people; 5 core values; 10 ethical rules; 18 communication behaviors of DIC people.

Accordingly, the 5Ts value: Tự chủ (Autonomy) - Tốc độ (Agility) - Tận tâm (Dedication) - Tin tưởng (Trust) – Trung thành (Loyalty) is the guideline of DIC people. BrainMark’s Strategy Director affirmed: "When we understand and follow these core values, we can proudly say that ‘I am a DIC person.’ These are the values that the DIC community is willing to build and pursue.”

Some pictures took at the event:


Photo 1: Mr. Nguyen Thien Tuan - Chairman of DIC Group delivering the opening speech of the program.


Photo 2: Mr. David Tan Nguyen, Strategy Director of BrainMark , sharing 10 ethical rules of DIC people.


Photo 3: Exchange between leaders and all employees of DIC Group.


Photo 4: Leaders and employees of DIC Group take group photos together.


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